5 Tips for Fire Mitigation Around Your Home and Property

The smoke has finally cleared, and while Seattle may not have received the scorching other areas of the state did, it is still important to take proper action to reduce the likelihood of a fire occurring on your property. Here some simple steps that you can do to help prevent a fire at your home.


1) Pruning

Pruning dead branches back is the first step in any proper fire mitigation technique. Dead branches do not hold water and are far more likely to catch fire. Branches that overhang any house or adjacent infrastructure should be pruned immediately. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of fire spreading, both to your property and other trees.


2) Removal of Dead Trees

It is also important to remove any dead trees, as they are significantly more fire prone. To prevent the spread of any surface fire,  It is also crucial that their stumps are ground out.


3) Debris Removal

On that note, we recommend reducing the amount of debris that may surround your property, both from deciduous trees losing their leaves, and especially evergreen trees, whose needles can pile up year round if left unchecked.


4) Selective Planting

This isn’t to say your property should be devoid of trees! When it comes to planting trees around your home, consider a fire resilient tree. Hardwoods such as cherries, poplars, and maples are more dense and less resinous than conifers, and are therefore far more fire-resilient. If you are looking for a native evergreen, the tried and true Douglas-fir is more resilient than its coniferous cousins.


5) More Mulch

Mulch is always a great choice for using around your property to reduce the spread of fire. It can provide good ground cover and help break up areas prone to fire.



Stay safe from fire with Seattle Tree Care! To learn more about how to reduce the impact of fire at your home, follow the link here.

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