Winter Pruning Special

Did you know that winter is the best time to prune many deciduous trees and shrubs? Trees become dormant in the winter, losing all their leaves and storing up their energy for the coming spring. Here are some great reasons to prune deciduous trees in the winter!


  1. Improvements in tree structure. Without leaves, it is much easier to see specific tree architecture, and what branches should be removed. If you are preparing your garden for spring, consider selective thinning to yield more sunlight to your plants below.
  2. Trees aren’t the only organisms dormant in the winter! Pests and pathogens are less likely to invade freshly made cuts, allowing for stronger woundwood development and a reduced likelihood of trees succumbing to these threats.
  3. Stronger growth in the spring. With dying and damaged limbs removed, trees can spend that energy investing in their roots and generating stronger growth come spring.
  4. Reduced response growth. As deciduous trees remain dormant, the chances of undesired epiphytic growth occurring (water shoots, suckers) is lowered during the winter.


As if these reasons aren’t great enough, here at Seattle Tree Care we offer a New Year special. Contact us to schedule your project during January of 2019 for a 10% discount!


There is no better time to prune deciduous trees than now!


Contact us today for a free estimate by our ISA Certified Arborists.

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