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Seattle Tree Care is a family owned and operated company specializing in the thoughtful care of the Pacific Northwest’s largest living things. Since 2007 we have been committed to providing exceptional customer service and high quality tree care in the Seattle region. You can trust us to help you make the best decisions about your trees and property, and to safely and efficiently perform all your tree service needs.

Meet Our Crew

Peter Gruenwoldt

Founding Arborist, President, and Crane Operator

ISA Certified Arborist PN-6127A , Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Peter’s love for trees runs deep and started young. Growing up in a small Western Washington rural community, Peter started learning about trees at an early age alongside his father, a U.S Forest Service Forester and ISA Certified Arborist. Peter’s initial exposure to Forestry was on long hikes with his father cruising old growth timber stands and collecting data about spotted owl habitat. Climbing to the highest vantage point has always been second nature to Peter, and he spent many days of his youth rock climbing in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and California. Peter studied Environmental Science at the University of Redlands, and then combined his love of climbing with his love of trees, and became a proficient and skilled tree climber working for several different companies in the Seattle area.

Knowing that there was an extra level of depth, sustainable practices and customer service he could provide, Peter founded Seattle Tree Care in 2006. A husband and father of three, Peter will always put your safety and the enjoyment of your property first. Peter is committed to creating the maximum benefit that trees and people share and is grateful to work with your amazing Seattle trees while practicing the art and science of responsible tree care.

Favorite Tree: Alpine Larch (Larix lyallii)

Kelsey Gruenwoldt

Seattle Tree Care Owner and CEO

ISA Certified Arborist PN-9267A

Kelsey is a fourth generation Seattle native with a great appreciation for this beautiful region. She earned her BA from the University of Washington in the Program on the Environment (2003), an interdisciplinary degree that included Forestry classes. In her studies of old growth forests she learned Tree Identification, Stand Management and Tree Assessment. Post University Kelsey worked as the Director of a local environmental company with a mission to help sustainable businesses grow. When her first child was on the way in 2007, Kelsey decided it was time to help build her own family business. She took her HR, bookkeeping and managerial skills, and put her energy into shaping and growing Seattle Tree Care.

To this day Kelsey loves making sure that the Seattle Tree Care team is at the ready to provide an outstanding experience for your tree care, because a lifetime spent in Seattle means Kelsey knows that when the sun shines we all want to enjoy the great outdoors!

Favorite Tree: Pacific madrone (Arbutus menziesii)

Seattle Tree Care staff member photo

Flavia Onufrei

Operations Manager

Originally from California, Flavia moved to Seattle in 2017 and joined Seattle Tree Care in spring of 2022. She’s worked in Operations in the tourism, hospitality, and food & beverage industries, but her roots are in tree care. Flavia’s PNW-based family are tree care professionals, and she grew up visiting them on jobsites. She’s an avid backpacker with a passion for our region’s unparalleled beauty, and loves planning long-distance hikes. She also loves baking, cooking, and reading dystopian sci-fi novels.

Favorite trees: Alpine larch (Larix lyallii) & flowering plum (Prunus triloba)

Joe Garrity

Production Manager

After working in financial planning & analysis for three years, Joe decided a career in finance wasn’t for him. Instead he chose to pursue tree climbing professionally, an beloved pastime of his since he was six years old. He spent a year and a half learning the ropes – literally – before joining the Seattle Tree Care team in 2018. Joe has worked his way up from Crew Member to Crew Lead and finally, after taking a paternity break to have his first child, to Production Manager. As Production Manager, Joe helps us efficiently match each project to the right crew and equipment. He puts to use his years of experience working with our specific strengths and abilities all while keeping a watchful eye on the safety of every member of our Arborist team. In his free time, Joe enjoys reading, hiking, and adventuring with his wife and daughter.

Favorite tree: Dawn redwood (Metasequoia)

Ethan Childs

Project Manager & Plant Health Care Manager

ISA Certified Arborist PN-8693A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

WSDA Commercial Applicator #102553

Ethan moved to Seattle from New York State where he earned a B.S in Biology from SUNY Cortland in 2012. Upon completion of his bachelor’s degree he earned a M.S degree in Forestry and Natural Resource Science from the University of Arkansas at Monticello. Ethan has a wide range of experience leading and working on projects centered on mycology, climate change, invasive insects, fire and forest ecology. He developed a love of trees by exploring the forests of the beautiful Adirondack mountains. In his free time Ethan enjoys a range of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, and traveling.   

Favorite Tree: Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis)

Patrick Boyle

Project Manager

ISA Certified Arborist PN-8918A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Patrick Boyle was born in Roseburg, Oregon and graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Horticulture and Crop & Soil Science in 2014. Patrick started his horticulture journey as a section grower for Smith Gardens. Later, he became a landscape technician with Turf’s Up, where he specialized in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and providing care to residential landscapes in the northern Puget Sound. Patrick entered the arbor estimating field with Monarch Tree Services and is excited for his transition to Seattle Tree Care, where he can assist the wonderful people of Seattle with all their tree care needs. In his free time, Patrick enjoys hiking, gardening, camping, and caring for his pets (cats, dog, chameleon, and chickens).

Favorite tree: Paperbark maple (Acer griseum)

Jason Harmon

Project Manager

ISA Certified Arborist PN-8359A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Jason has perfected the art of wandering through his own backyard. Born just on the northern tip of Lake Washington, in Kenmore, Jason fell in love with trees while hiking a small section of the Pacific Crest Trail, a path he trekked with his father every year for 15 years. This love of trees was shared equally between father and son, who both became ISA Certified Arborists, proving, once and for all, that the apple does not fall far from the tree. The two ran their own tree service company until Jason’s father retired in 2021, and Jason found his way to the STC team. A place to work that feels like family was just what he was looking for. It didn’t hurt that STC has a fleet of the highest quality equipment in the industry. Jason, his wife Elizabeth, and their chihuahua, Quinn, can often be found road tripping, backpacking, and hiking together.

Favorite tree: Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida)

Clif Edwards

Project Manager

ISA Certified Arborist PN-1983A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Clif has more than 15 years of experience in the tree service industry. He was a crew supervisor for 10 years with Seattle Tree Preservation, which later sold to Bartlett. Before joining our team, Clif spent five years at the Washington Park Arboretum doing all things arboriculture. His main focus was keeping the trees healthy and pest-free with diligent monitoring. Clif has called both Oregon and Washington his home over the years and, like a true homegrown Pacific Northwesterner, his hobbies are hiking, bicycling, skiing, and mushroom hunting.

Favorite tree: Japanese snowbell (Styrax japonica)

Andrea Starbird ISA Certified Arborist #PN-9084A

Andrea Starbird

Project Manager

ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist #PN-9084AM

Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Andrea’s passion for arboriculture took root while studying the history of landscape architecture and public space at the University of Michigan. She’s no stranger to caring for living things, having spent three years as a doula before returning to her arboricultural roots and earning certifications in landscape horticulture and urban forestry. She worked with a local Arborist Consulting firm for three years before joining our team and is an active volunteer with both the PNS ISA Chapter and the Green Seattle Partnership. Andrea loves the tree care industry for its capability to keep her growing, both as a tree lover and a member of her Seattle community. In her free time, Andrea is a birder who also loves kayaking, spending time with loved ones, and reading too many books at once.

Favorite trees: Persian ironwood (Parrotia persica) & tuliptree (Liriodendron tulipifera)

Mary Gallant

Project Coordinator

Fresh from the UW, Mary joined our team in 2022 with her Bachelors in psychology. She was born and raised in Magnolia and grew up riding her bike with friends down Magnolia Boulevard. Now, Mary’s excited to have the chance to help care for the same trees and shrubs that made her childhood bike rides that much more magical. In her free time, Mary enjoys cooking, reading, and enjoying live music, specifically indie pop and rock.

Favorite Tree: Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica)

Christina Weldy

Associate Arborist

ISA Certified Arborist PN-9408A

WSDA Commercial Applicator #106489

Christina’s hometown roots in Snohomish, WA grew into a passion for caring for Seattle’s trees. She joined our team after earning a degree in Environmental Science & Terrestrial Resource Management from the University of Washington in March 2021. She helped Seattle homeowners learn more about their trees by assessing the health of and providing feedback for street trees while working for Seattle’s Trees for Neighborhoods program, a city-run initiative that gives free trees to Seattle property owners. As Seattle Tree Care’s Operations Assistant, Christina helps organize the crews and equipment sent to each one of our job sites and pays extra attention to all the little details to ensure our clients are well taken care of. In her free time, Christina enjoys hiking, camping, and hanging out with her two cats, Millie and Remy.

Favorite Tree: Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides)

Jess Chaney

Office Administrator

Jess was born and raised in a Kentucky house surrounded by giant oak trees that you could spot from miles away. Jess has lived all over the United States including New York and California. She has worked in customer service for more than a decade and has experience working with and for municipalities on the Permit and Engineer Support Team for the City of Pasadena. In her free time Jess enjoys tending to her crow friends, reading, and studying art and music.

Favorite Tree: Nothern Catalpa (Catalpa bignonioides)

George Bruno

Yard Manager

George has been working with trees since he was 14 years old. Experienced in all aspects of tree care, he is Seattle Tree Care’s #1 jack of all trades.  The right tool for the job is what George is all about and he makes sure every tool that is used on your property is working properly and is sharp! A great mentor, George helps new crew members realize the Seattle Tree Care mission: Respect for property, trees, and a job well done.

Favorite Tree: New Jersey White Oak (Quercus alba)

James Morlidge

Fleet Coordinator & Mechanic

A transplant from Crowthorne, England, James Merlidge moved to Sammamish in 2015. He spent his childhood in the garden with his mother and grandfather. Somewhere between all the weeding and hole digging, James pruned his first tree. Fast forward to today: James felt compelled to channel his love and skill for mechanics into work with Seattle Tree Care. In his free time, you can find James working on his 1977 F150, driving around in his Subaru, camping, and playing with his dog, Reggie.

Favorite Tree: Weeping willow (Salix babylonica)

seattle tree care production coordinator and mechanic points to the project board

Marcus Leitch

Production Coordinator & Mechanic 

ISA Certified Arborist PN-8856A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified


The Seattle area has been Marcus’ home for the past 22 years. Before joining Seattle Tree Care in 2022, Marcus spent almost a decade working for a local tree care service company as a crew member and leader. He has strong experience with tree climbing, tree service equipment and repairs, and industry safety regulations. In his free time, Marcus enjoys snowboarding, surfing, camping, and fly fishing. 

Favorite tree: Deodar cedar (Cedrus deodara)

Dani Farace

Production Assistant


Dani joined the Seattle Tree Care team in 2022 fresh from the Coast Guard, where she spent three years on the on the buoy-tending Cutter Fir and Elm and then two and half years in Port Angeles as a Boatsman Mate doing Search & Rescue. Originally from Virgina, Dani moved to the PNW after high school to rejoin family and enjoy our temperate summers. In her free time, Dani loves looking at and petting all the dogs she can, going on adventures with her loved ones, and enjoying the outdoors both on land and in the water.

Favorite tree: Mountain hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana)

Chase Burum

Arborist Crew Lead

Incidental Line Clearance Arborist

Chase has been with Seattle Tree Care since 2016, prior to which he worked for the City of Everett Parks and Rec on a tree crew. He loves the opportunity for learning new skills that comes from working for a private company. Chase has a passion for working outdoors and always has a smile on his face. In his free time he enjoys hiking, juggling and shooting.

Favorite Tree: Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)

Adam Shahan

Arborist Crew Lead

ISA Certified Arborist PN-8796A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Adam loves being able to work outside everyday. He enjoys spending his free time drawing comics, surfing, skateboarding, bike touring and playing chess.

Favorite Tree: Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum)

Moises Lorenzo

Arborist Crew Lead

ISA Certified Arborist PN-9604A, Incidental Line Clearance Arborist

From a small town in northwest Spain, Moises joins Seattle Tree Care with a wealth of experience about trees and tree maintenance garnered from his father, who was a lifetime sawyer. Moises is passionate about trees and everything outdoors as he spends his time playing soccer, swimming, hiking, and bonding with friends and family.  

Favorite Tree: European oak  (Quercus robur)

Sarah George

Arborist Crew Lead

ISA Certified Arborist PN-9308A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Born in South Padre Island, Texas, Sarah George got her start in tree care in Montana. She spent two years working line clearance for a power company before returning to Seattle. Inspired to learn more about the art and science of tree care, Sarah joined the STC team in 2021 as our first female climber. When Sarah isn’t at the top of a tree, she enjoys running, backcountry skiing, and biking around Seattle with multiple stops for coffee, ice cream, and tacos. Or, you can find her at home with her tree-climbing husband and their two cats, Tulip and Búho.

Favorite tree: Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)

Russell Durfee

Arborist Crew Lead

Russell hails from our sister state, Colorado, where he lived until 2021. With family in the Seattle area, Russell used to visit often and always enjoyed the weather and the views. Now, he gets to experience them daily as a Seattle Tree Care Crew Leader and Climber. Even though Russell is new to the Pacific Northwest, he’s no stranger to tree care. He’s been in the industry since 2009 and sees the value in tree work for having both flowers and thorns, just like his favorite tree. In his free time you can find Russell skiing, hiking, swimming, or searching for a relaxing place to grab some good food and live music. 

Favorite Tree: Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)

Jeremy M Jones

Arborist Crew Lead

Jeremy M Jones was born in Columbus, Ohio and joined the Seattle Tree Care team shortly after his brother, Donta’, in 2020. Jeremy is excited to continue his work in tree care after moving to Seattle. While not working, Jeremy enjoys playing basketball, fishing, and relaxing.

Favorite tree: Angel Oak (Quercus virginiana)

Sean Gaddis

Horticultural Crew Lead

Sean Gaddis, who signed onto the Seattle Tree Care team in 2020, is a plant lover hailing from Columbus, Ohio. He runs a small gardening business on the side, and also works as a King County Master Gardener, the Washington State University’s volunteer force of research-based and environmentally-friendly horticulture experts. Through that program and his own company, Sean educates his community about science-based gardening practices that often include tree management. When asked what his favorite tree was, he couldn’t pick just one! When Sean isn’t working or contributing to his community, he enjoys gardening (of course!) and knitting.

Favorite tree: Catalpa (Catalpa speciosa)

Nick Banks

Arborist Grounds Crew

Nick loves working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest as a Ground Crew Member for Seattle Tree Care. Nick was born and raised in Seattle. He enjoys the fishing, hiking and sailing that this area has to offer.

Favorite Tree: Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica)

Ryleigh Hartung

Arborist Apprentice Climber

Ryleigh has been working in tree care since 2014. He chipped a branch and immediately knew: This was the industry for him. Ryleigh enjoys the comradery of his STC teammates and the variety of projects he gets to see in the field. A Seattleite through and through, Ryleigh makes music in his spare time, explores the hidden hideaways in our fair city, and tries to support his community however he can.

Favorite tree: Madrona (Arbutus menziesii)

Donta Jones

Arborist Climber

Donta’ Jones was born in New York, New York, but traded in the city that never sleeps to be sleepless with us here in Seattle. Donta’ finds great joy in seeing each tree project completed. A lover of fishing, hiking, and football, he is also an illustrator who draws cartoons and portraits.

Favorite tree: October Glory Maple (Acer rubrum)

Mark Morley

Arborist Climber

Mark Morley comes to us from Sitka, Alaska, a city of less than 9,000 people. (Can you guess his favorite tree?) Mark has worked tree care in both Auburn and Tacoma before settling with the Seattle Tree Care family in 2020. When he’s not climbing high in the branches of a tree, Mark enjoys rock climbing, trail running, bonsai trees, surfing, rope swings, and long boarding.

Favorite Tree: Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis)

Peter Olthoff

Arborist Grounds Crew

WSDA Commercial Applicator #105751

Peter Olthoff grew his roots right here in Seattle. He loves that working for Seattle Tree Care provides a new opportunity to learn more about our tall, woody friends. Peter is an avid reader who enjoys fantasy novels, and like a true Seattleite, biking around the city. He also enjoys fishing and learning to cook new recipes at home.
Favorite tree: Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)

Richard Rogers

Arborist Apprentice Climber

As a rock climber, Richard was already familiar with rigging and rope work, so it seemed like a natural choice to pursue a career in tree care. He joined the STC team in 2021 after a little encouragement from his friend, Mark, one of STC’s Climbers. Besides getting to work outdoors and revel in the PNW’s beauty, Richard enjoys the kindness and consideration his teammates show him on the daily. In his spare time, Richard enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and traveling.

Favorite tree: Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica)

Justin Thyer Aspiri

Arborist Climber

Justin’s been chopping wood since he was six years old. He carries the tradition of tree work down from his father, who was a forest fire fighter in his 20s. After his father taught Justin tree climbing a few years ago, they worked alongside each other doing tree work on Vashon Island before Justin started his own enterprise caring for tree and selling firewood on the island. A bicycle enthusiast, Justin has movement in his veins. He’s lived in the Philippines, Spain, and Montana, and travels as much as possible with his wife. Justin has found community and support in the tree care industry and values the wealth of knowledge of each individual he works with.

Favorite tree: Madrone (Arbutus)

Caleb Meyer

Arborist Grounds Crew

Caleb joined the Seattle Tree Care team in 2022. The thrill of climbing trees brought him to the industry, a way to transform a recreational passion into a career. Having worked as a commercial diver building docks underwater here in Seattle, Caleb earned experience working with chainsaws under pressure. He also started with prior knowledge on ropes and knot tying from his seven years as a commercial fisher in Alaska, where he lived before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2018. He spends his free time getting as close to Alaskan life as possible by going hiking and climbing.

Favorite tree: Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis)


Keaton Grimm

Arborist Apprentice Climber

Keaton moved to Seattle in 2018 from Missouri, where he was born, to pursue his love of photography, an art he has real talent for. He had two years of tree care experience before joining the Seattle Tree Care team in 2022. His favorite trees are the Deodar cedar, a tree he and his brothers planted in tribute to their father. He also loves the fall colors of the aspen, and the sound they make quaking in the wind. Tree care gives him the opportunity to learn something new every day, and the diversity of trees and problem solving keeps his motivation spurring. In his free time, Keaton is an avid outdoorsman, finding photogenic hikes on ambitious backpacking trips.

Favorite tree: Deodar cedar (Cedrus deodara)

Emma Zimmerman Greenlee

Arborist Grounds Crew

Emma returned home to the Puget Sound region and joined our team in 2022 after earning her Masters in environmental conservation from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she also earned her Bachelors. What brought her back to the great Pacific Northwest? A love of trees, specifically the Douglas Fir. After spending years in Massachusetts forests, Emma missed the density of the forests at home, where she could walk into the woods and feel embraced by the trees. Emma loves working on the Seattle Tree Care team because it gives her the opportunity to always be moving and learning something new. In her free time, Emma enjoys indoor (for now!) rock climbing, reading mystery novels, and crocheting.

Favorite tree: Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)

Arne Barrans

Arborist Grounds Crew

Arne joined the Seattle Tree Care team in 2022 after spending a season as a sawyer while wildland firefighting. Currently studying for a degree in fire science, Arne grew up running a saw on his parents’ property in Ellensburg and was happy to return to tree work. In his free time, Arne enjoys everything outdoors: hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and snowboarding.

Favorite tree: Monkey puzzle (Araucaria araucana)


Arborist Grounds Crew

Ricky hails from Virginia. The switch from the East coast to the Pacific Northwest was an obvious one for Ricky, who loves the access to nature and grandeur of the mountains we enjoy in our Emerald City. In his free time, Ricky enjoys playing the piano, hiking, and running.

Favorite tree: Southern Live Oak (Quercus virginiana)

Danielle Palmer-Friedman

Marketing Coordinator

Danielle was raised in southwest Florida (you may notice her roots showing in her favorite tree pick!) and moved to the greater Seattle area as a teenager. Ever since, she’s felt at home among the snow capped mountains and miles of lush green trees that surround the city. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in English Literature, and while she may be new to the world of tree care, she has almost a decade of customer service experience and looks forward to working with the Seattle Tree Care family. In her free time, Danielle enjoys writing, cooking, eating, reading, and hosting gatherings of friends and family.

Favorite Tree: Red Mangrove (Rhizophora mangle)

Seattle Tree Care is an Arbor Day Foundation partner, donating a portion of proceeds to offset our carbon footprint through tree planting programs. In order to provide the top notch service we are known for, we recruit and keep an incredible team. Our company offers livable wages, advancement opportunities and paid trainings, along with great benefits. For you, this translates to peace of mind as you can rest assured that the Seattle Tree Care team working on your property is more than qualified for the job.

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