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Affordable Tree Services in Bridle Trails

Do you have an old or decaying tree that needs to be removed? Rely on Seattle Tree Care to offer high-quality services at affordable prices!

Having trees in your yard can be super beneficial to have because they provide shade from the sun to keep parts of your home cooler, and when taken care of properly, they make an appealing addition to your home’s curb appeal. As the seasons change and it’s time to prepare for a new season, while you may have your home’s interior ready to welcome guests in, it’s also important to keep your outer appearance tidy as well.

For those reasons, you must decide when it’s time to remove a tree from your property and hire a service that will also uproot the stump from your yard in order to offer a clean and appealing yard for you to start fresh with. It’s important to know when to remove a tree before you need to call your local professionals, such as Seattle Tree Care, for their tree emergency services.

When Should You Remove a Tree?

Trees are said to have a lifespan of hundreds and hundreds of years, which is true, but there are also natural contributors that affect a tree’s lifespan and may need to be cut down sooner. Besides a tree reaching its old age, here are other indicators when you should remove a tree for safety precautions:
Leaves are Scorched and Discolored

The Tree is Budless

Dead and Broken Branches Are Visible

Peeled or Chipped Bark

Gaping Holes or Cavities on the Trunk

Benefits of Stump Grinding

After a tree has fallen, died, and been removed, what’s left is a stump that becomes a challenge in your yard. Not only does it restrict you from using the area that the stump is occupying, but it can ruin your landscape’s aesthetic if you are looking for ways to spruce up your yard. When you hire a company that offers stump grinding services, here are the benefits you will receive after doing so:

Increase of Safety: Tripping over a stump is a painful lesson that you don’t want to have to learn. If someone trips on your stump, you can also be held responsible for any injuries that a person may receive.

Decreases Unwanted Pests and Insects:Stumps are like an invitation for insects and pests to create as their homes. When a stump is ground down, this removes one chance of having pests infest your home being within proximity.

Frees Up Yard Space:Imagine a smooth, uninterrupted patch of grass for your yard. This opens up the possibilities and landscaping ideas that you may have once you are able to finally envision it again without the bump of a stump to infiltrate the vision.

What’s Considered a Tree Emergency?

When you have a tree emergency on your hands, you’ll want to rely on the company that offers the quickest and most efficient service to take care of your problem. Circumstances such as natural disasters of a tree falling on your home are categorized as a tree emergency, especially if it blocks entry into your home. Here are other occurrences that classify as a tree emergency:

Leaning to the Side: When a tree is leaning toward one side, especially if it’s in the direction of your home or garage, you’ll want to have an expert opinion and take action to determine if this is an impending threat to your household.

Old Age:Once a tree reaches a certain age, it starts to lose its strength. When this happens, you’ll want to make sure that you and everything else is in clearing distance of its vicinity.

Rotten or Decayed:If a tree is sick and unhealthy, its structure and strength will be compromised. In addition, its weakened state increases the chance of it becoming unstable against heavy weather conditions. You’ll want to examine the tree for any rotten or decayed areas.

Wildly Grows Toward Structures:Trees grow toward sunlight. However in some cases along the way, they may stray and grow in the direction of your home or clash with power lines that are in its way. If they grow and touch power lines, the tree becomes a safety hazard that must be tended to at once.

Whether you are experiencing a tree emergency or are looking for a company that will remove tree stumps or tree trunks, you can trust that our professionals at Seattle Tree Care will get the job done right the first time. With over a decade of experience, we value and offer the best customer service and tree care quality in Brindle Trails and surrounding regions in Washington.

Are you seeking a service that will not only cut down your tree but remove the stump as well during an emergency? If so, this sounds like the perfect job for our professionals at Seattle Tree Care! You can reach us at (206) 789-0534 to take care of your tree problems and keep your home safe!

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