Cutting Down Your Tree: When to Know it’s Time

Expert Arborists in Seattle, WA, Will Discuss Tree Illnesses and When You Should Have Your Tree Cut Down

Your Guide to Tree Removal

Trees live for hundreds of years. They are hardy and very much needed for many species to survive in the world. But sometimes, cutting down a tree is necessary for the protection of your home and you as the homeowner. Sometimes even to protect other vegetation on your property. Our experts at Seattle Tree Care will determine the best route to take to protect you and your landscape.

Do You Need More Room on Your Property?

Sometimes you have to make that tough decision to get rid of your tree(s) due to needing more space on your property. That’s okay. Our tree service company will assess the tree(s) you need to cut down and safely and effectively remove the tree from your property.

Is There Fungi Growing on Your Tree?

Many believe the presence of mushrooms on or around your tree can indicate the tree is decaying due to fungal growth. Not all fungi are harmful to your vegetation. In fact, some are good for the longevity of your tree.

The leaves on your tree can also give you clues as to whether your tree is rotting or not. If your leaves usually have a very vibrant color, but all of a sudden, the leaves are a dull color, your tree could be decaying. Or if the leaves on your tree are starting to wilt in the season it’s supposed to thrive, there could be some issues with your tree.

Does Your Tree Look Sick?

With trees, there are many signs they give us to show if there’s an illness present.

  • Their branches can become weak and break off, which can become dangerous or cause property damage.
  • The branches look dead without any buds when they typically blossom.
  • Is there bark on the ground, but your tree is not the type to shed its bark? Bark peeling off could be a sign of an underlying problem with your tree.

Having a professional tree service company come out and conduct a tree risk assessment can verify if your tree can be preserved or if it needs to be cut down.

Roots Becoming Invasive

Tree roots can become invasive on your property. If you have a garden, they can come in and wreak havoc on your plants. They can also bust through your pipes and cause significant water damage. Invasive roots can also cause the foundation of your home to crack. With a cracked foundation, insects can intrude your home, and water can seep in, which can cause mildew and mold to grow.

Weather Damaged Trees

It’s well-known Seattle is dreary and has lots of rain. Problems can occur with lots of rain, even for your vegetation. Too much water can cause the soil to become saturated and cause the roots to weaken. The roots can decay, and the tree will eventually topple over. Getting ahead of the problem and having a consulting arborist come out and complete a tree risk assessment can keep your worries at ease.

Let the Professionals Take Over

Here at Seattle Tree Care, we take pride in being there for our customers. We offer a 24/7 emergency tree service and pick up all the debris and recycle the remains once the job is complete. Seattle Tree Care is a family-owned company that is bonded, insured, and licensed. Call today at (206) 789-0534 for your free estimate.

Post by Mike Gurung

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