Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Apr 02, 2021

Mike Gurung



Celebrate Earth Day by changing some habits. These local Seattle tree care professionals offer advice.

In the fight against environmental degradation and climate change, everyone has a way to help. As a society, we have a lot of work to do but that doesn’t mean there aren’t small steps that individuals can take to help out in the cause. Before the 1970s, there were no agencies or bureaucracies that worked to keep the air and water clean. In 1970, Earth Day was proposed to help bring awareness to the young environmentalist movement. This was the first victory in the fight to protect our natural assets.

Since then, the movement has grown into a global event. This Earth Day, take a moment and discover small habits that can be changed to have a big positive impact on Mother Earth.

Fix Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet can waste thousands of gallons of fresh water every year. The cost of that water on the environment is more than just the cost on the bill. It takes complicated distribution networks and chemistry to make water safe for human consumption, meaning there is a carbon footprint for all treated water. Additionally, as population centers become more crowded, freshwater reserves are taxed. Fixing leaky faucets can save money and ensure that there is enough water for humans and plant life in a metropolitan area.

Use a Clothesline

One of the biggest energy drains and contributors to the carbon footprint of a home is the clothes dryer. Whether it is heated with fossil fuels or renewable electricity, it requires a tremendous amount of energy to get clothes dry. Why do that when there is a completely free option available?

Installing a clothesline will save noticeable amounts of money each month, which lowers a home’s carbon footprint. It also will make clothes last longer since sunlight and a gentle breeze are better on clothes than the harsh heat and tumbling of a dryer.

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden, even a small one, is a great way to put people back in touch with nature. Gardeners better understand how their actions impact the environment and have a strong sense of pride in what they do.


An easy addition to planting a garden is to start a composting operation. Composters can be as simple as store-bought, under-the-counter containers or they can be a pile in the garden where kitchen scraps are discarded. Instead of sending food scraps, coffee grounds, and newspapers to the landfill, let nature reclaim them. In a short amount of time, their nutrients can be applied to plants in the garden or trees in the yard to help them thrive.

Use Free Solar Energy

It’s easy to think of solar power as technology and panel installations, but everyone can take advantage of free solar power. Just like trees need sunlight, humans do, too. Opening up the windows to let in fresh air and sunlight saves on energy bills and will also contribute to good health. Sunlight is proven to improve mood as well. Here in Seattle, we know not to waste those rays.

Plant a Tree!

There’s a reason that planting trees has been such a popular Earth Day activity. Planting trees is a time-tested method to improve landscaping and remove carbon from the environment. Trees provide habitat to all the critters that live in the area and they benefit us by providing oxygen and a sense of peace.

Be on the lookout for some special news about tree planting with Seattle Tree Care later this month!

About Seattle Tree Care

It may seem counterintuitive to take environmental advice from an industry that removes trees and performs forestry operations. But, there is no one more qualified and in touch with nature than the teams who spend their days in our urban forest. Seattle Tree Care is a local tree service company run by an ISA certified arborist that has a passion for tree and plant health care. Our job extends much further than just tree removal. We are tree service professionals that can help homeowners maximize the green value of their property.

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