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Needing speedy and effective tree care services to handle your tree emergency? Quickly call Seattle Tree Care services to meet you at your doorsteps now!

When it comes to severe and harsh weather or old and damaged trees, the repercussions can be unknown and you can’t always prepare for them. However, you can decide which companies you can trust to help fix the damage that’s been done. If your valuables are damaged due to a tree falling on them or an old tree has become a hazard for your family, our team of professionals at Seattle Tree Care will extend their emergency services to fix your tree problem.

At Seattle Tree Care we understand that when a Tree Emergency occurs, quick action is the only appropriate response. Our team is on call 24 hours a day to help mitigate your tree emergency. We have the ability to quickly dispatch multiple different equipment options, including a crane, a grapple truck and bucket trucks as well as highly skilled technical tree Climbing Arborists.

When our team arrives on the scene, you can expect an efficient and thorough assessment of the situation followed by quick action. Our first move is to secure any imminent hazards that threaten you or your property. Once we eliminate the immediate threats, our Arborist will meet with you to discuss the best course of action.

Whether you have a broken hanging branch above your home or a complete tree failure that crashed into your home, you can trust that the Seattle Tree Care Arborists will do everything we can to keep you and your family safe.

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    Circumstances That Are Considered Tree Emergencies

    Seattle Tree Care

    It’s difficult to distinguish what is categorized as a tree emergency. Unless it’s a natural occurrence, your tree will give you hints prior to when the problems become grave and require immediate attention. Here are some instances of when to consider hiring tree care services:

    Tree Falls and Damaged Objects: When a tree is overgrown, old, or has endured a severe weather climate, its weak branches and parts are more susceptible to breaking off and hitting your home or other assets you may have.

    Tree Leans: Before the damage is done, inspect the appearance of your tree to see if it is leaning toward your home or car. When a tree grows to a certain point, it is not able to support its own weight and can collapse.

    Tree is Old or Dying: You may not know the exact age of a tree if it was on your property long before you moved in, so its attributes and condition are unknown. While they may appear beautiful to have in your yard, when they begin to rot, they have a high potential of collapsing.

    Why Emergency Tree Care is Important

    As a homeowner, your goal is to make sure that your family is safe both indoors and outdoors. When you take extra measures to ensure that your house is rid of any diseases or internal problems, keep an eye out for your home’s external surroundings.

    Trees in poor conditions can pose a danger to your home if they are not cared for immediately. They can cause structural damage or potential injuries if they go unnoticed and are left until they become bigger problems for you and your loved ones.

    By paying attention to the trees on your property, you are able to spot these budding problems early on. If your tree is forming an unruly shape or towards power lines or your own home, we provide tree trimming and removal services to take care of the root of the problem before it damages your property.

    Scheduling to have your overgrown, old, or damaged trees trimmed or cut down is a proactive step you as a homeowner can make to eliminate any threats to your home.

    Seattle Tree Care
    Seattle Tree Care

    Relying on our Professionals

    For over 10 years, Seattle Tree Care has been a family-owned and operated company that has served other families in the Seattle area. We use the latest and up-to-date equipment to take care of your tree care needs, and our range of emergency services includes cleaning up storm damage to cutting down trees that pose threats to those within the area.

    Don’t wait for the damage to become more disastrous. Are your trees interfering with your home’s structure? Call us at (206) 789-0534 to take care of all your emergency tree needs.

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