Have a “Green” Summer When You Plant One Of These Trees in Your Seattle Yard

These 5 Trees Love June in seattle waWashington tree service professionals say these 4 trees are perfect for summers in Seattle.

4 Trees That Brighten Summers in Seattle, WA

Trees are a great way to beautify a yard for a lifetime. Sometimes it isn’t about deciding whether or not to purchase a tree, it’s deciding which one to purchase. Below are a handful of beautiful trees that thrive in our Pacific Northwest wonderland.

Red Maple

The red maple is one of the most prolific and widespread trees across the entire North American continent. Its fall foliage is unrivaled with bright red, orange, and yellow leaves. It is hardy, highly adaptable, and provides food for local wildlife. Like most trees, it prefers full sun but can grow with some shade and is both drought and flood tolerant. 

Why Choose a Red Maple:

  • Beautiful foliage
  • Fast growth
  • Drought and flood-tolerant
  • Provides food and home for birds


The heady scent of this shrub’s’s light purple flowers attracts pollinators from miles around. The lilac needs regular pruning but requires little attention beyond this. This plant is hardy and can withstand well below-freezing temperatures. It needs full sun to get the best blooms. It is small and can be pruned to fit into smaller yard spaces and used as hedges.

Why Choose a Lilac:

  • Hardy and versatile
  • Pollinators love the spring blooms
  • Easy to care for
  • Good for smaller spaces

Blue Spruce

This evergreen conifer grows in the traditional “Christmas tree” pyramid and has attractive bluish needles. The blue spruce is not particularly fast-growing but is dense and wildlife thrives in its branches. It is a tall and wide variety, so it needs plenty of room. It is a great accent or privacy tree and needs very little care once established.

Why Choose a Blue Spruce:

  • Unique blue-green needles 
  • Great for birds and other wildlife
  • Good for privacy
  • Low maintenance

Western Red Cedar

This tree is a native of the Pacific Northwest and grows very, very tall. The wood is often used for building projects. Also called the Pacific redcedar, it is resilient and does well even in shade. It is resistant to pests and diseases. It grows very quickly at 2 feet per year and can live an excess of 150 years. It prefers moist soil and both its bark and leaves are pleasantly fragrant.

Why Choose Western Red Cedar:

  • Appealing scent
  • Fast-growing
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to pests

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