Have Trees Near Power Lines? Here’s What To Do

prevent-emergency-tree-trimming-service-powerlinesArborists in Seattle, WA share how homeowners should manage trees near power lines and the best ways to deal with this

Trees May Be Too Close to Electrical Wires

When it comes to proper tree care, one of the most important things to look out for is safety. Homeowners must pay very close attention to the location of their trees relative to electrical wires. 

If trees are too close to electrical wires it can pose a huge electrical hazard to the tree itself and to anyone in the surrounding area. Tree trimming and tree pruning are important on a standalone basis, but given the potential severity of exposing a tree to come in contact with electrical wiring, certified tree care can be a million times more important. Homeowners should know that this is a serious matter. Ensuring the proper safety precautions are taken is worth the time and effort!

The Dangers

There are a number of dangerous outcomes that can occur when a tree is too close to the power lines. For one, the electrical hazard can drastically increase the risk of electrocution to homeowners and their families. Sparks due to wiring coming into contact with the tree can lead to fires that may spread very quickly.

Additionally, temporary power interruptions can occur, as can full-on power outages, depending on the severity. These outages can last for hours or even days in extreme cases. 

Homeowners may experience more than one of these dangers at the same time, so they should put in the time to consider location when it comes to planting their trees. 

Importance of Location when Tree Planting

When it comes to tree planting, ensuring that trees are far away from the power lines is of utmost importance. The best thing homeowners can do is to hire a tree service company, but there are also some general guidelines that can help homeowners get a better idea of how to get started.

For one, ensuring that there is no electrical equipment around is very important. This would include things like electrical meters or transformers. The same goes for nearby utilities or utility services, which can often be located underground (e.g. cables, pipes, wires) using 811. Lastly, when choosing their tree, homeowners should pay attention to the expected height of the tree, since taller trees are more likely to come in contact with power lines if they are planted underneath them.

You can use this selection tool from the Seattle Department of Transportation to help you find the right tree for the right place before you plant.

Seek Professional Help!

At the end of the day, the best thing homeowners can do is seek professional help with their tree care. Arborists know the proper practices for optimal tree health care, and can recommend tree removal if needed, especially if a tree is located near a power line or not in good health.

Once they are on site, an Arborist can see if there are any things to be concerned about. If there are, these experts can also recommend the best steps to address these problems. Overall, tree care can be very complex and potentially dangerous, so homeowners should surely leave this to the experts!

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