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Is it that time of the year to have your trees trimmed? Hire Seattle Tree Care to shape up your trees for you!

Enhancing your property’s landscape can be a fun time when planting and growing new things, but that also requires the same amount of care and upkeep. Having your trees routinely trimmed is essential in keeping them healthy and alive even during the colder months. As you have your trees checked and trimmed, you may also have tree stumps that were never removed, which can create problems you may run into in the future.

Tree services provided by Seattle Tree Care not only trim and shape your trees, but we also offer stump grinding and tree preservation services to have your trees live long and healthy lives.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

If you had an unhealthy tree cut down and removed from your home, chances are, there’s a stump in its place that is just as much as an eyesore as the tree itself. Stump grinding offers many benefits that you as a homeowner should take advantage of when hiring tree care services to grind the stump and remove it from your property. Here are some other benefits of stump grinding:

Bypasses the Potential For Other Trees to Grow : When you hire professionals to grind down an old tree stump, this prevents the chance of having trees continue to grow by its roots.

Smoother Path: For those who live on the property and are aware of the stump, leaving it in the yard can be hazardous for children, guests, or pets that may trip over the stump if it is left in a yard.

Easier to Take Care of the Yard: Mowing the yard with a lawnmower, you try to gather and dispose of the broken branches and large twigs that may interfere with the process. However, with a stump in your yard, it would be difficult for the lawnmower to go over the stump area. To avoid damaging your lawn equipment stump grinding is an easier and more efficient solution.

New and Clean Slate: With the excitement of a new yard, you can cultivate new landscaping ideas now that you have put the past problem behind you and allow new grass to grow where the stump once was.

How Often Your Trees Should Be Trimmed

How often you should trim your trees depends on the location of the tree, the type of tree, and the obstacles of its growth path. Trees should be trimmed at least once a year and the best time to do so is during its dormant season. There are other factors that have an effect on when professional services should trim your trees, such as:

When they obstruct a person’s vision.

They intertwine with power lines or cables.

Your home and safety may be compromised due to its growth.

Whenever you schedule the best time to routinely have your trees trimmed, keep in mind that your safety is most important, then the trees’ health, and finally, the aesthetic purposes should be factored in last.

Tree Preservation Services

If you are wanting to plant and preserve a new tree, there are many intentional thoughts and considerations you should cover prior to planting a tree. Because problems like a damaged root system, crown, or trunk are not visible until years later when the damage is too severe to reverse, it’s critical to consider the best and most viable place to plant a tree in your yard where it will not be damaged by human activities or underground pipelines.

If you are conflicted with where to plant your trees or wish to know more information on how to preserve them, our team of professional arborists will cater to your property’s layout and will offer expert knowledge on where it would be deemed best to plant them. We not only consider the end result of how your home’s appearance will be enhanced but of the outcomes that are to occur years later.

Seattle Tree Care has been doing stump grinding, trimming, and implementing tree preservation strategies and other tree services for families since 2007. Not only do we strive to leave your trees and plants in a better condition than when we first arrived, but they will leave lasting impressions after we leave.

Are you in need of getting rid of that tree stump that is rotting away in your yard? Rely on Seattle Tree Care to do the job! Call us at (206) 789-0534 to get your home’s greenery in a better condition.

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