Inside the Job of an Arborist

Inside the Job of an Arborist

Tree Service Contractor in Seattle, WA Explain How They’re Different Than Landscapers

An arborist is a botany professional trained in the science of planting, caring for, and managing individual trees. They are unlike a logger or forester, as they don’t focus on entire forests, but not a landscaper, as they specialize in woody plants. An ISA certified arborist has been reviewed to ensure their experience and knowledge is of the highest level in the industry.

The Job of an Arborist

Arboriculture is a niche field, but its scope of work covers a wide variety of needs in the industry. There are five primary services that an arborist provides, although their skills are not limited to this list.

  • Emergency Tree Care – In the case of an emergency, arborists can be at your disposal quickly to remove trees or branches that have caused damage to your property.
  • Tree Removal – This measure is considered a last resort, and an arborist can determine when it is necessary to remove a tree completely for your safety and surrounding trees’ health.
  • Planting – Some arborists plant trees as well, and can help you determine what species will do best in your region and plant the tree(s) in a safe area.
  • Plant Health Care – Preventative maintenance is of the utmost importance to avoid some of the more serious service arborists provide. Arborists can keep your trees in good health by reducing insect, disease, and site problems.

Why You Should Hire an Arborist

Many property owners overlook the importance of tree care on their land. Proper tree maintenance is like an investment; it can lead to substantial returns. Well-maintained trees last longer and have a more attractive appearance, in turn raising the value of your property.

Poorly maintained trees, on the other hand, are a huge liability. Not only are they likely to be an eyesore, but they could essentially turn into a ticking time bomb. Overgrown or sickly trees may run the risk of falling on and damaging your property. Required maintenance, such as pruning and removal, should always be performed by trained professionals.

Working with trees is dangerous work, and should always be taken care of by ISA certified arborists, who have extensive experience and knowledge in proper safety.

Hire an arborist to prevent disaster and regularly maintain your tree life. In an emergency, call on an arboriculture business with 24-hour emergency services to quickly assess and fix the situation. While they are there, they can offer options to prevent similar happenings in the future!

When To Hire an Arborist

Landscapers and arborists both work in the field of botany, but offer services in extremely different specifications. It is important to understand the difference to ensure that you hire the proper professional for your needs.

Landscaping refers to landscape and hardscape installation. This generally includes lawn care and irrigation, mulching, garden bed preparation and maintenance, and sometimes shrub pruning. On the other hand, arboriculture refers to tree removal, pruning, maintenance, and care.

A landscaper most likely won’t have the skills or necessary qualifications, training, or tools needed to care for trees safely and appropriately. It is important to get in touch with arborists specifically when seeking assistance with your tree needs.

Seattle Tree Care is Here to Help!

The trees and landscapes in Seattle, WA are some of the oldest and most cared for around. They get that care because arborists have been completing the work for generations. At Seattle Tree Care, we offer top-quality solutions backed by arborists who have the education and certification to get the job done to the highest standard possible.

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