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Do you need a tree removed from your property? Hire Seattle Tree Care to cut down your tree before it damages your home!

Trees are valuable to have in our yard and properties. Not only do they make the outdoors more pleasant by creating shaded areas to play and cool off under, but they add on to our home’s aesthetic appearance and value. When you have an overgrown tree with its branches going in every direction, that’s not the impression you want to give people after they see your home’s tidy appearance.

Whether it’s a decaying tree or have your trees pruned, rely on Seattle Tree Care to spruce up your yard once more. Plus, we also offer plant health care programs to keep your plants and trees looking in top condition!

Signs You Need to Remove a Tree

If you don’t know the key signs to look out for when your tree is in bad health, how else will you be able to make sure your home is safe? Here are visible signs of when a tree should be cut down for your safety:

Large Dead Branches Are Visible

Tree Trunk is Hollow

Odd Growths, Such as Mushrooms, at the Base

Significant Presence of Insects

Tree Cankers/Missing Bark

If any of these signs are visible, this means that the tree is dying and the structure has been compromised and weakened. If not addressed immediately, the tree will not be able to withstand heavy weather or its own weight, which will cause it to collapse and damage anything within its vicinity.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

Another way for homeowners to have their trees scheduled for routine maintenance is by having them pruned by professionals. Pruning your trees is said to cause them to become healthier and stronger. In addition to healthier trees, here are some more reasons why having your trees pruned is a good thing to consider:

It Can Save Your Tree’s Life: As the dying or dead branches are pruned away, it decreases the chances of insects from infecting the branch and the rest of the tree.

Stimulates or Suppresses Tree Growth: When you have your trees pruned, you can either prune the tree where it can stimulate the tree’s growth when pruning less, or suppress its growth if they are pruned more vigorously.

Adds Safety: Pruning low-hanging branches can prevent the chance of someone walking into the branches and injuring themselves. Also, it decreases the amount of small foliage and branches that fall near the tree that may cause someone to trip over them.

Partner with a Pro For Plant Health Care

Routine tree maintenance consisting of trimming and pruning will not only keep your tree living longer and healthier but finding a plant health care program is also another option that keeps your landscape fresher and more appealing. When taking care of plants, flowers, or trees, they all have a common base of using the same soil.

Working with expert arborists to choose the right plant health care program can provide you with more in-depth insight on how to keep your plants as healthy as they can be. Depending on your individual circumstance, this includes the need to change up your maintenance routine schedule, use a different fertilizer, or plant your new greenery in a different location for optimal liveliness.

Founded in 2007, Seattle Tree Care has helped many homeowners have the best landscape in their neighborhood by introducing them to the necessary steps and ways to keep their plants and trees healthy with the right program fit for them. Our trained experts are experienced and have been educated with the latest topics regarding tree care.

Interested in implementing a plant health care program? If so, speak with one of our experts at (206) 789-0534 to set up an appointment and let’s get started!

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