Making Way for Good Views with Tree Pruning and Removals

Tips for Improving Your Views with Routine Tree Trimming

Trees on your property can provide value to your home in a variety of ways: from shade and comfort to beauty and curb appeal. But trees need proper maintenance and upkeep if they’re going to remain attractive, healthy, and happy. While most homeowners consider upkeep as watering and fertilizing your trees, pruning and trimming are just as essential.

Not only can it improve the health of your trees, but also it can help with views for your home. Read on to learn the importance of routine tree trimming, and how professional care could be the service you’ve been looking for.

Why Consider Trees For Your Home?

Trees are an important part of any home’s landscape and they provide a variety of benefits that many homeowners don’t realize. If you’re considering adding new trees to your property, the list below includes some common reasons why it’s a great idea:

  • They Add Safety – Studies show that trees planted alongside streets have a calming effect and cause traffic to move slower. So, if you’re looking to make your property safer for your neighbors and family, consider adding trees.
  • They Prevent Flooding – Trees planted around your home can help reduce stormwater runoff. Because water runoff can cause erosion and pollution in our waterways, which can increase the likelihood of flooding, planting trees can keep your property safe.
  • They Help Us Breathe – Trees give off oxygen, which we need to breathe, but they also improve our air quality by filtering out harmful pollutants like ozone and carbon monoxide. So, plant a new tree and breathe easier!

Keep Your Trees Trim

There are a variety of reasons your tree may need to be trimmed. Illness is a common reason, maintaining the health and growth of the tree, another. But also, it’s important to trim a tree to keep it and your home looking attractive. The following list includes standard reasons to have your trees trimmed regularly:

  • Control Overgrowth – If your tree is near your residence, then sooner or later it may need to be trimmed to control its growth. If it grows too large and starts encroaching on power lines, or perhaps is stretching too close to your home, it could be dangerous. Regular trimming can reduce hazards.
  • Contain Sickness – If you discover an illness in your tree early enough and trim it to remove the diseased or infected portions, you very well may save your tree’s life. If you notice dead branches or strange infestations, trim the sick portions away as soon as possible.
  • Tree Training – Trees often grow in a manner that isn’t all that beneficial for them, but regular pruning can help keep them healthy and happy, longer. If you notice your tree has crossing branches, or new branches growing lower on the trunk, then it may be time to schedule a trim.

When Is Tree Removal Needed?

It can be difficult for homeowners to know when a tree is ill or damaged beyond saving, or when it has become a hazard to you and your home. Familiarizing yourself with the signs and symptoms of an ill or dangerous tree can help you know when to contact a professional. Below are some common signs that your tree may need to be removed:

  • Damaged trunk – If the trunk of your tree has a large crack, or if the bark is chipped or peeling, that’s a symptom of an ill tree. It may be internally decaying, and once decay sets in it’s often only a matter of time before they fall.
  • Your tree is too close to the house – A tree that is near your dwelling, especially if it’s leaning, can be a hazard. A storm could force it to fall, causing damage and possible injury. Trees should be no closer than 20 feet to a residence.
  • Fungi at the base – If you notice fungi or mushrooms growing at the base of your tree, it may another sign that your tree might be dead or dying. Fungi feed on decaying matter, so if they’re growing at the base of your tree, something may be wrong.

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