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Do your trees need trimming? Hiring expert arborists at Seattle Tree Care to shape up your trees!

Your trees are one of the most eye-catching features of your property, which is why you have to make sure they are well-kept in their appearances to leave a positive impression. Along with making sure your trees are tended to, it’s also considered a good idea to have a risk assessment performed as you are trimming your trees.

At Seattle Tree Care, we do it all. From grinding down stumps to trimming trees to offering tree inspections and risk assessments, we make sure that your trees and landscape are looking the best that they can be.

Don’t just take our word for it. You can check out our review page of what your neighbors have had to say about our services.

The Benefits of Trimming Your Trees

While it would be nice if trees would retain an appealing shape as they grow, they require regular maintenance for these types of results. Setting a schedule to have your trees trimmed may seem like a stressful event that can put your day to a halt, you will thank yourself for doing so because you will then avoid the severe problems that could occur if you bypassed this routine.

Hiring professionals to trim your trees ensures that the tree has a decreased and minimum chance of collapsing on your house, car, or other structures on your property. Trimming your trees will keep them healthier in the long run because our care team will rid your trees of any rotting or diseased parts of the tree that are caused by pests or insects inhabiting the bark, which will allow them to look livelier and healthier.

How a Risk Assessment is done?

When you hire us to do a risk assessment on your trees, we can explain our process to you if you have any questions. We do more than just visibly examine your tree for any defects or potential danger, but we use high-quality equipment on the market that we use to examine trees. Here are the things on our checklist that we inspect during a risk assessment:

Dead, Dangling, or Damaged Tree Branches

Tree is Leaning to the Side

Rotten or Decayed Appearance

Pest Infestation

Branches Intersect Home or Other Structures

Once the risk assessment is complete, if applicable, we will inform you of solutions to fix the potential hazards that may pose harm to your home or property. If a tree is in bad health, we may suggest other services such as tree and stump removal as well to improve your landscape’s appearance.

Why Hire Our Experts for the Job

Tree trimming and performing risk assessments may seem like tasks that you could do on your own a couple of afternoons, but if a problem does arise, how will you solve that one on your own? Hiring experts guarantee that not only will they trim the right parts of the tree, but they will be able to inspect the necessary parts of the tree and restore it back to health without killing the tree if it can be saved.

With over a decade’s worth of experience, Seattle Tree Care has been the go-to tree service to enhance landscapes in Medina and surrounding locations. Trust that the family-owned and operated business will complete the job the first time and leave no mess behind for you to clean up.

Do your trees need trimming or a risk assessment performed? Call us today at (206) 789-0534 to schedule an appointment today and find out!

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