Meet the Seattle Tree Care Arborists who provide Tree Services to Seattle communities

Who is taking care of your trees when you hire Seattle Tree Care?

At Seattle Tree Care, all our projects, from pruning to stump grinding and everything in between, are handled with exceptional Arborist care from one of our ISA Certified and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist project managers. 

Our project managers use their years of experience, insight, and perspective from the tree service industry to create custom tree care solutions for each of our clients. Whether it’s helping a homeowner determine if it’s time to remove a tree or explaining what options a business owner has for trimming the trees lining their storefront, our Arborist Project Managers design tree service solutions that encourage Seattle’s urban forest to survive and thrive alongside Western Washington’s human residents.

Get to know our team of dedicated and passionate project managers…


Ethan Childs

ISA Certified Arborist PN-8393A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Ethan is our Plant Health Care manager and has a wide range of experience leading and working on projects centered on mycology, climate change, invasive insects, fire and forest ecology. He developed a love of trees by exploring the forests of the beautiful Adirondack mountains of his home state, New York.


Patrick Boyle

ISA Certified Arborist PN-8918A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Patrick started his horticulture journey as a section grower for Smith Gardens. Later, he became a landscape technician specializing in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Patrick enjoys hiking, gardening, and camping.


Andrea Starbird

ISA Certified Arborist #PN-9084A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Andrea’s passion for arboriculture took root while studying the history of landscape architecture and public space at the University of Ann Arbor. Andrea loves the tree care industry for its capability to keep her growing, both as a tree lover and a member of her Seattle community.


Jason Harmon

ISA Certified Arborist PN-8359A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Jason fell in love with trees while hiking a small section of the Pacific Crest Trail, a path he trekked with his father every year for 15 years. After both becoming ISA Certified Arborists, Jason and his father continued their commitment to trees by running their own tree care company until Jason’s father retired in 2021.


Clif Edwards

ISA Certified Arborist PN-1983A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Clif has more than 15 years of experience in the tree service industry. Before joining the Seattle Tree Care team in 2021, Clif spent five years at the Washington Park Arboretum keeping the trees healthy and pest-free with diligent monitoring.

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