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Efficient Tree Care Services in Mercer Island

Do your plants need a reliable health care program or a risk assessment performed? Depend on Seattle Tree Care to put your plants and trees on a healthy track!

There’s a lot of chatter about health care programs for people, but what about the health care program for our plants? If landscaping and sprucing up your home with some plants is a hobby of yours, you’ll want to take a closer look into plant health care programs and how they can benefit them. As a homeowner, you want your loved ones to be healthy, so why do we tend to overlook our trees and plants?

Risk assessments are like a doctor’s visit for our plants and trees. The results can inform homeowners whether their trees are healthy or if it’s time to remove them due to safety concerns. You are guaranteed high-quality tree services provided by Seattle Tree Care when you hire our team.

When Should You Remove a Tree?

Trees provide shade, a home for animals, and an enhancement of curb appeal for your property. They can live hundreds of years, but how do you know when their lifespan has reached their limit? You may not like the idea of having to cut down a tree that provides a significant amount of shade to your home, but situations like these are necessary when you should do so:

The tree is leaning toward your home or your items.

It is decaying or rotting.

Roots are growing near pipelines.

When it is damaged after a storm.

The tree is splitting or cannot support its weight.

The Benefits of Plant Health Care Services

You may have a green thumb when it comes to gardening and planting, but do you know how to keep your plants healthier for longer amounts of time? While the routine maintenance of digging up the weeds and growing your plants in the best possible area on your property, there are other details and insights that plant health care programs provide for homeowners.

An expert arborist works with you as a homeowner to stretch and extend your plants and trees’ lifespans without compromising economically or environmentally friendly material. With their training, arborists are the doctors you never knew your plants needed. Since we recognize how our clients and their plants’ needs are all different, we personalize and fit each plan accordingly to fit your requirements, which allows your landscape to look fuller and healthier!

For more details and inquiries, one of our staff members would be more than happy to introduce and explain the plant health care program to you to help you decide which is the best fit for your property.

Tree Preservation Services

If you are wanting to plant and preserve a new tree, there are many intentional thoughts and considerations you should cover prior to planting a tree. Because problems like a damaged root system, crown, or trunk are not visible until years later when the damage is too severe to reverse, it’s critical to consider the best and most viable place to plant a tree in your yard where it will not be damaged by human activities or underground pipelines.

If you are conflicted with where to plant your trees or wish to know more information on how to preserve them, our team of professional arborists will cater to your property’s layout and will offer expert knowledge on where it would be deemed best to plant them. We not only consider the end result of how your home’s appearance will be enhanced but of the outcomes that are to occur years later.

Seattle Tree Care has been stump grinding, trimming, and implementing tree preservation strategies and other tree services for families since 2007. Not only do we strive to leave your trees and plants in a better condition than when we first arrived, but they will leave lasting impressions after we leave.

Are you in need of getting rid of that tree stump that is rotting away in your yard? Rely on Seattle Tree Care to do the job! Call us at (206) 789-0534 to get your home’s greenery in a better condition.

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