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Plant Health Care and Tree Preservation Services in Seattle Area

Looking for the right plant health care program to keep your plants and trees healthy? You’ve turned to the right company! You can depend on Seattle Tree Care to help keep your landscape flourishing and alive.

In order for us to be able to stay healthy, it’s up to us to keep the plants and trees on our property healthy as well — especially since they are able to keep us alive, and so we should return the favor for them. Have you considered having plant health care or made any tree preservation plans?

If not, now is the perfect opportunity to learn more about them, and how significant they are for our landscape and for you as a homeowner as well.

The Benefits of Plant Health Care

Just as we go to the doctor if we are feeling sick and not like our regular selves, plants and trees also require arborists, which are their doctors, to take care of them and assess their needs. We as the plant owners must pay attention to when our plants aren’t growing and blooming as they should be. Here are some signs of when you should seek out plant health care:

Leaves Are Discolored

Dead Branches

Early Dropping

If you detect these signs, the reason may be attributed to more than the neglect of watering or proper maintenance. Sometimes, it’s even the soil that is the cause of the problem, which will affect the rest of your plants and trees.

When you choose to enroll in a plant health care program, this means that you will work with an expert arborist that will help you improve your landscape’s appearance and its lifespan by using cost-effective and environmental practices.

How Plant Health Care Process is Done

Both plants and trees share a common source, which is soil, to grow. Plant health care programs take plants and trees’ needs into consideration to create a plan that meets both of their requirements. Our professional arborists will inspect your plants and trees by:

Monitoring Your Shrubs and Tree Health: Depending on the size of your property, an arborist visits your home to inspect your plants and trees’ conditions quarterly or annually. The expert will also inspect your plants during the appropriate season accordingly in order to spot any of the early or delayed signs above.

Offering Solutions: Our professionals won’t detect a problem without offering some viable solutions, such as suggestions on how to reduce your irrigation, prune, trim, or remove your trees.

Despite how landscapes and properties are different, we still execute the process in the same manner, but we will address your problems and address them individually. We provide affordable and flexible plans that meet our clients’ budgets and needs so they can have a thriving and healthy landscape of shrubs and trees.

Let Our Pros be Your Plant Doctors

Hiring a company that offers dependable health care and tree preservation plan, such as Seattle Tree Care. We will look beyond the appearance of your plants and trees. Although they may display a beautiful scene on your property, we also want to make sure that they are healthy and creating a healthy atmosphere for you and your family.

At Seattle Tree Care, we have been doctoring plants for over 10 years using environmentally friendly methods that ensure a positive outcome in health and appearance for your plants and trees. We understand the importance of this investment, so our arborists are trained with the most up-to-date methods and techniques to implement the personal plant health care plan that is catered to fit your needs and budget.


To make sure that your plants and trees are insured, call (206) 789-0534 and speak with one of our staff members to tend to get you started with one of our plant health care programs!

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