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24/7 Emergency Tree Service

Tree Pruning

Seattle Tree Care Arborists practice the Art and Science of Tree Pruning. We help you love your trees.

Aerial tree safety inspections and large tree pruning

Improved form, balance, health and safety

Expert ornamental specimen tree and shrub care

Roof and gutter clearance for pest management and roof longevity

Increased sunlight to your solar panel or gardens


Cost competitive and able to reach any height of hedge, ask about our yearly hedging service.

Teams have the right tools for the job

Established hedge resizing and restoration

Annual maintenance to keep your hedges looking great

Tree Removal

Seattle Tree Care will safely and efficiently remove your dangerous or unwanted tree.

We respect and protect your property and landscaping

All undesired wood and debris is hauled away

Our expert team can remove any size tree from any location

On staff permit specialists

Stump Grinding

Quick and clean, we make your stump disappear. Here is why we recommend stump grinding:

Prevent pests such as carpenter ants and termites

Eliminate trip hazards and unsightly stumps

Prevent regrowth

Replant where your tree used to grow

View Management

Increase your your view by having our expert Arborists properly prune or remove trees.

Increase your property value and standard of living

Thoughtful neighbor communication

View maintenance plans to maximize your view and minimize costs over time

Meet steep slope requirements for tree work

Tree Preservation

Trees can add significant value to your property. At Seattle Tree Care we use the following techniques to maintain your valuable tree.

Dynamic cobra cable installation to help reduce the chance of tree failure

Repair split cracks with bracing and through-bolting techniques to reinforce trees

Custom welded prop supports leaning or sagging trees

Emergency Tree Services

It’s difficult to distinguish what is categorized as a tree emergency.

Tree Falls and Damaged Objects
Tree Leans

Tree is Old or Dying

Wood Salvage

Through partnerships with local wood mills and furniture builders, we can facilitate turning your tree trunk into heirloom furniture.

What Happens to Your Tree After It is Removed?

Landscaping elements

Looking for a small load of arborist mulch?


We are conveniently located in the “Center of the Universe” next to the Fremont Bridge, making it easy to service clients throughout the Greater Seattle Region. We service the Cities of Seattle, Shoreline, Mercer Island, Medina  & Lake Forest Park
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