The Best Time To Prune Trees? Winter

Tree Care Specialists in Seattle, Explain Why Pruning in Winter is Essential to the Health and Life of Your Trees

Winter temperatures aren’t just hard on people, but animals and even trees have a harder time navigating the freezing weather. During winter, trees are exposed to harsh weather conditions and are highly susceptible to damage. One of the most dangerous hazards for trees is limb breakage. In climates that experience regular freezing temperatures and snow, tree limbs become susceptible to freezing and breaking. Increased weight of snow creates conditions that some limbs can’t withstand, causing them to snap off. Pruning your trees can prevent this dangers condition.

Signs Your Trees Need Pruning

It’s essential to keep an eye on your trees. They need regular maintenance, feeding, watering, and pruning. The trees in your yard should never get beyond your control. When should you prune?

  • Too much growth: If your trees are large enough to present a safety concern, it’s time to prune. Limbs should never touch your roof or powerlines.
  • Signs of disease: If you see mold or fungus on parts of your tree, it’s important to prune these off to stop any spread of the disease.
  • Damaged branches: If a tree branch is starting to tear away from the tree, has become damaged or lacks structural integrity, it’s time to prune that branch.
  • Cracks in branches: During winter, cracks can form in branches due to the radical temperature changes. These cracks compromise the structural integrity of the tree.

Benefits of Pruning

Pruning a tree is not only valuable for aesthetic purposes, but it ensures the safety of both the plant and structures surrounding it, as well. This is a job that should be done with caution because too much pruning can damage a tree. But if done right, there are many benefits.

  • Healthier Trees: Trees need limbs removed containing damage or disease. This helps the entire tree stay healthy by eliminating the source of disease and keeping it from traveling to other parts of the tree. If pruning a fruit tree, you can also expect a higher yield come harvest time.
  • Safety: If damaged or dead branches are not removed, they can pose a threat to safety. Broken limbs can fall anytime damaging cars, roadways, sidewalks, roofs, and the siding of your house. This damage is entirely preventable if branches are correctly pruned.
  • Healthier Garden: Trees that have a large canopy can block lower branches, lawns, and gardens from getting the sun and rain they need. When pruning your tree, you’ll open up space for light, air, and rain to make its way through. Increased light will keep your grass green and your garden producing. Too much shade can destroy your lawn and stop any output for your garden.

Tree Care for Your Home and Property

Seattle Tree Care has been serving the Seattle, Washington area since 2006. Family owned and operated, they specialize in tree management for residential and commercial properties. If you need your trees inspected, trimmed, or hauled away, Seattle Tree Care is the professional arborists for the job.

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