Tree Care Myths That Are Harmful To Trees

Debunking Tree Myths Seattle

Tree care experts in Seattle debunk dangerous myths and offer solutions to better care for trees. 

3 Myths About Tree Care Practices That Should Be Scrapped

With so many trees around us in this Emerald City, it’s easy to think tree care should be common knowledge. Unfortunately, trees and shrubs are such a diverse biological classification that common sense and historical practices may not keep them healthy. Numerous myths exist about tree care and many are detrimental to the health of trees and the harmonious interaction between humans and the natural environment. 

Tree service companies are trained to deal with every type of tree to help it thrive. Keep reading to see three common tree myths debunked by your favorite local Seattle arborists. 

Myth 1: Trees Are Dangerous And Should Be Removed

When trees and city infrastructure meet, trees have been known to cause damage to sidewalks and plumbing with falling limbs and invasive roots. Trees have a hard time shaking this bad reputation. If someone says a tree is dangerous and should be removed, obtain a second opinion from a qualified arborist before taking action. An arborist can train for a certain qualification to perform a tree risk assessment. These reports quantify the dangers a tree might pose to surrounding structures. 

With proper planning and tree care from a professional tree service, risks can be identified or mitigated. Instead of removing trees outright because of some danger they might pose, steps can be taken to preserve trees and infrastructure by getting the professional opinion of an arborist.

Myth 2: Removing Trees Lessens Allergy Symptoms

Tree allergies are caused when trees release millions of microscopic pollen particles into the air as they attempt to propagate. Different trees release their pollen at different times of the year, so if someone is allergic to one type they are likely allergic to several more. If you experience this, you already know— it seems like allergy season lasts forever! A common myth we encounter is that removing trees will lessen the severity of allergy symptoms, but this is not the case. 

When trees release pollen they fill the air with vast amounts of particles. Generally, entire regions are covered in thick pollen for days. As a result, removing a few trees around the home will not lessen the amount of pollen someone is exposed to. A better option to explore is installing more effective air filtration inside the home. That way, allergies can be relieved and homeowners can still enjoy their trees.

Myth 3: Trees Don’t Need Human Intervention

If trees grow all by themselves in the wild, why is it necessary to pay for tree care? Tree care is important for trees in urban settings where there’s less space for them to proceed with their natural life cycles without causing conflict. With society and trees potentially at odds, it takes someone knowledgeable and skilled to help people and the natural world thrive together. An arborist is trained to do exactly that. 

An arborist knows how to perform certain tasks that allow trees to grow in environments where they are exposed to novel threats. Tree trimming and tree pruning helps trees grow stronger and more beautiful. Fertilization practices make sure the tree has access to all the nutrients it needs. Arborists optimize a tree’s natural attributes so it can thrive in any setting. 

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