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Tree Inspection & Risk Assessment Services in Seattle Area

Have you had your trees inspected or have a risk assessment? Schedule them both today with our experts at Seattle Tree Care today!

Owning any valuable item, whether that be your home or add-ons that you have implemented in your home, you want to consider the risks and how to plan for them accordingly. We don’t like to expect the worst, but we should know how to prepare for circumstances. Your outdoor features should be no different. Your trees contribute to a large portion of your landscape scene, but sometimes these bigger items aren’t always better if they aren’t well taken care of.

Seattle Tree Care offers tree inspections and risk assessment service so you are in the know of how detrimental the tree in your yard can be for you if you decide to have a walkway installed or if the tree that’s providing you a substantial amount of shade will fall and ruin your home. From inspecting tree roots to determine tree rot, we will inspect and provide you with a risk assessment of the trees on your property.

Benefits of a Tree Risk Assessment

The damage done by a fallen tree on your home will cost you more than it will to have your tree examined by certified and licensed arborists. If you are unsure about having a risk assessment on your trees, here are a few reasons why you should consider doing so:

Property Damage: The major concern and benefit of scheduling for a tree risk assessment are due to property damage, not to mention, injury if you near where the damage takes place. Depending on the size of the tree that falls, visible damage could be from a dent or small hole in your wall to broken glass and a damaged room.

Tree Condition: Having your tree inspected means that you can be aware of your tree’s health condition. A healthy and strong tree will be able to withstand harsh weather better than if the tree is sick or decaying. The inspection is beneficial for the tree, and it may increase the tree’s longevity of life if it’s tended to.

What Our Experts Look For in the Process

Our educated and certified team of arborists will use the proper techniques and strategies in order to perform a tree inspection and risk assessment. When you hire Seattle Tree Care, our trained professionals will inspect your trees for any of these visible signs:

Open Cavities in Trunk

Broken or Rotten Branches

Erosion Around Roots

Overgrown Crown

Cracks within the Bark

Good Tree Health

Potential Safety Risks within Its Vicinity

Fungus Growth at the Base

Our thorough tree inspection and risk assessment will allow you to have more insights of your tree’s health and the risks it can cause if a disaster occurs. We offer professional insight to provide you with other alternatives if we suspect that the tree will pose greater threats than benefits for you. These may include pruning, trimming, or removal services that we offer to our clients.

Schedule Your Tree Inspection and Risk Assessment Today!

For over 10 years, we have been conducting tree tests and risk assessments for our clients in the Seattle area. With our trained and certified arborists, we are confident that we have curated a checklist and inspection that sheds light on the possible factors and potential problems that you should know about concerning your trees to prevent damage and injuries to your loved ones and property.

Are you concerned about a leaning or overgrown tree near your home? Speak to one of our staff members at (206) 789-0534 to schedule your tree inspection and risk assessment today!

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