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Is an old or deteriorating tree putting your home and family at risk? Rely on licensed and certified arborists at Seattle Tree Care for all your tree removal needs.

Homeowners have trees on their property for various reasons. They enhance a yard’s appearance, provide shade, and help create the air we breathe. We may be familiar with how a healthy tree looks, but how do we determine when ones are ready for removal? Having a sick tree in your yard can pose danger and potential harm, especially if it’s susceptible to falling. When you choose to consult with our tree specialists at Seattle Tree Care, you can put your questions and worries at rest. Our team will inspect your trees and work efficiently to remove the damaged ones from your property.

We’ve been serving Seattle and the surrounding areas since 2007. Be sure to visit our reviews page and hear from some of our long-time customers.

Common Signs Your Tree Should be Removed

Some trees are known to live hundreds of years, but that is only true if they are in good health. While you may not like the idea of having a tree removed from your yard, it is a necessity if it poses a threat to your home.

Here are some tell-tale signs that indicate when a tree needs to be removed:

Cracks or Veins Form: When the tree’s trunk begins to crack, this means that the tree is potentially rotting and dying internally.

Trunk is Hollow Although a tree can live for years with a hollow trunk, this can be hazardous because it compromises the trunk’s ability to support the tree’s weight.

Missing Bark: When a tree is balding or missing bark, this is a prime indicator that the tree is unwell and needs to be inspected to determine whether it can be restored or needs removal.

Leaves Appear Scorched: If a tree’s leaves uncharacteristically have red or yellow lines or give off a “scorched” appearance, this often indicates the tree has a bacterial infection.

Bare Limbs: If the tree has no buds on its limbs, this does not automatically mean that a tree is unwell. However, it’s a good idea to wait for a season to see if buds grow prior to making arrangements for removal.

Not all trees require removal, and many can even be nursed back to health with the right care and fertilization. At Seattle Tree Care, we can inspect your trees to determine the best course of action. As certified arborists, we understand your trees on a deeper level, making us highly qualified to make the right choice for your property.

How a Sick Tree Can Affect Your Home

Having a dying or decaying tree on your property should be taken care of immediately in order to prevent property damage or home repairs, along with any other potential harm that may arise. If left unaddressed, here are possible situations you may encounter:

Disease Can Spread: Just like with your family, if a tree is sick, it can potentially spread its disease to other plants or trees on your property and can create an outbreak.

Trees or Branches Fall on Property: When a tree is sick, it weakens and is not able to support its own weight. For a tree is in this condition, heavy wind or rain can easily cause the tree to collapse and damage anything within its vicinity.

Pest Infestation : If a tree is rotting, it becomes a home and an invitation for bugs or wildlife to settle. To avoid pests from infiltrating your home, it’s best to have the unhealthy tree removed as soon as possible.

For most Seattle area homeowners, the largest concern is always going to be property damage. With many homes using trees as an integral part of their landscaping and coverage, there may be multiple limbs that are near power lines or over your home. Addressing them early can help limit the damage.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional

Hiring a reputable, professional company, such as Seattle Tree Care, means having quality solutions that work not only for your home but also for the integrity of the trees on your property. Inspecting and diagnosing a tree’s condition requires expert knowledge that our team of arborists has obtained with proper training and practice.

As we identify the problem, our team will hastily but efficiently remove any hazardous trees from your property with as little damage as possible in the process. Tree removal is not an easy process, and should always be left to the pros. If you have questions, are ready to remove a tree, or simply want an inspection, you can count on our Seattle arborists for help.

If there is a decaying or dying tree in your yard that’s putting your Seattle, WA home at risk? Put your mind at ease by calling Seattle Tree Care at (206) 789-0534. Our skilled arborists will assess the damages and remove the tree from your yard quickly.

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