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Are your trees long overdue and in need of trimming or pruning? Hire Seattle Tree Care to help shape your trees to enhance your landscape’s aesthetics.

If you have plants or a garden growing on your property, you understand how important it is to dig up the weeds and remove any harmful matter that can threaten their growth and appearance. Trees in your yard, the matter is no different. As trees grow to a certain length, they have a wild and disheveled look if they are not trimmed routinely.

It’s important to hire a professional tree care service to trim or prune your trees to provide an overall better look to your property and provide a healthier outcome for the trees when they undergo maintenance services.

Signs Your Tree Needs Trimming or Pruning

Not only does trimming your trees increase your home’s curb appeal, but it also keeps them healthier and reflect their natural beauty and appearance. Do your trees need trimming or pruning? Here are some visible signs to indicate when you should hire tree care services:

Broken Branches: As trees withstand harsh weather climates such as wind, heavy rain, or snow, their branches may break due to the strong force. When broken branches occur, this means that there is damage within the branches, and the tree needs to be tended to.

Cracks in the Bark: Don’t ignore cracks in your tree because the tree is sick or dying and is trying to let you know that it needs immediate attention. If the tree is left untreated, it can potentially rot and die.

Branches Intersect or Are Tangled: Tree branches keep growing no matter where they are planted. If they are planted near your home or around some power lines, they can damage your home’s siding or cause your electrical power to go out they are tangled in the lines.

Excessive Size or Misshapen: Continuous growth without maintenance causes the tree to grow however they please. Trees normally grow upward toward the sun, but if they aren’t shaped and trimmed, they can grow outwardly and eventually collapse due to the amount of weight it cannot support.

Benefits of Trimming & Pruning Trees

When it comes to making sure your home is as safe as possible, you also want to take the necessary precautions to make sure your outdoor property is suitable and safe as well. Trimming and pruning your trees not only increases your home’s appearance but trimming them decreases the chances of the tree rotting or decaying when broken and tangled limbs are cut.

Your home or any objects within the tree’s vicinity are also safe from the tree’s branches from interfering and posing hazards whenever they are shaped to bypass them. You may not be able to see all the branches close up, but having professionals trim and prune your tree will rid it of any pests or insects that have infected the branches, which will keep your tree healthier and living longer.

Choose to Hire The Seattle Tree Care Professionals

Having your trees trimmed and pruned is more important than showing off your home’s clean-cut appearance. It’s about taking extra measures to make sure that your home is safe with a healthy tree growing on your property.

At Seattle Tree Care, we uphold our reputation of providing high-quality tree care and customer service to our clients in Seattle neighborhoods and surrounding regions. For over a decade, we have been your go-to tree care service to tend to all your tree needs.

If the trees on your property are showing visible cracks or the branches are tangled up messes, don’t delay! Call (206) 789-0534 to schedule to have your trees trimmed and pruned now.

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