What to Do if Your Tree is Getting Too Tall for its Space

Seattle tree care experts explain how to pair pruning with plant health care to control tree growth on your property.

The Benefits of Using a Growth Regulator

Part of our new plant health care program is Cambistat, a growth regulator for trees that offers many additional health benefits like increasing drought tolerance, increasing disease resistance, and increasing root growth, which can help protect trees against potential construction damage.


Catch a Tree Before It Outgrows Its Space

Some trees were planted without a full understanding of how big they’d get and, if they continue to outgrow their space, may need to be removed. With the right application, growth regulators allow these beloved trees to be an asset of your property—and our community—for longer. In a tight urban environment, growth regulators can help prevent future conflicts between trees and infrastructure.


Extend Your Pruning Cycle

Cambistat can also help tree owners go longer between pruning cycles without sacrificing their desired tree shape and structure. One treatment can reduce the growth rate of trees by 40% for three years.


Personalize Your Plant Health Care Program

At Seattle Tree Care, treatment rates are personally prescribed by your ISA Certified Arborist project manager. Before recommending treatment, they’ll consider the tree species’ sensitivity, the diameter at standard height (DSH), and the tree’s relative location on your property.

Want to learn more about growth regulator treatments and if they can help you achieve your landscape maintenance goals? Call us for a free Arborist assessment and estimate today.

About Seattle Tree Care

Seattle Tree Care has been proudly serving the Seattle area since 2007. We are dedicated to keeping this area beautiful and our clients and their trees safe. We have emergency tree service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and haul away and recycle all removed trees and branches.

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