Where Did The Christmas Tree Come From?

Dec 23, 2020

Mike Gurung



Tree Service Experts in Seattle, WA Share the History of the Christmas Tree

What’s The Origin Of The Christmas Tree?

The Christmas tree dates back centuries, where the tradition of celebrating the seasons started in 16th-century Germany. This is where the Christians began tree decorating or making pyramid-shaped wood stacks if times were tough. Additionally, candles were added to tree branches, which the Christmas tree lights represent today.

Where Did Decorations Come From?

In the 1800s, homemade decorations consisted of strands of berries, popcorn, and more. Tree decorations on Christmas trees began in the mid-1900s in America. There were new items such as electric lights and tinsel that people were beginning to display on their trees. It was then that decorated trees became widespread. It was so popular that it reached the Rockefeller Center. This is where a giant tree is displayed in New York City each year.

What It Symbolizes

In ancient cultures, evergreen trees were displayed and embraced in unison with the winter solstice. It is a reminder that warmer months were coming. The winter solstice indicated that the sun god had his strength returned to him.

This was similar in Egypt. Ra, their Sun God, became weak as the weather got worse and darker. Since the solstice was considered to be the turning point in seasons, Egyptians used palm leaves to decorate their homes.

Popular Trends For Tree Trimming

As of right now, there are quite a few popular tree trimming trends that can be taken into consideration if homeowners are looking to try something new.

  • Renaissance Look: Antique golds and vintage designs are all the rage this year. Pair this with celestial symbols and decorations as well as some glitter. It adds a little bit of sparkle to the tree. This sophisticated look can be completed with sparkling tassels and grey undertones.
  • Bright & Unique: If somebody loves lights, consider going big and bold. They can use large statement baubles and some vintage vibes. Use rainbow colors and some fun shapes that light up the room. This is a very playful design that has made the top trend list. It’s warm, inviting, and brings happiness to all who surround it.
  • Eclectic Luxury: If homeowners are looking for something more sophisticated and simple, this is a trend they may get on board with. There are beautiful peacock colors mixed in as well as gold accents and contemporary finishes. This is ideal for those who like to spend their nights next to a fire.

How To Dispose Of A Christmas Tree

A lot of people loathe disposing of their Christmas tree. They don’t know what to do with it: It’s heavy, filled with pointy pine needles, and just plain difficult to handle. However, there are some unique ways homeowners can rid themselves of the Christmas tree inhabiting their home since the day after Thanksgiving.

  • Chip It: Chipping it will make mulch. This will help regulate soil temperature and will keep water around longer. In places where drought is happening, this is a great way to conserve water in the ground to keep plants and trees hydrated. Mulch can also be used to keep weeds away.
  • Donate To Conservation Groups: Here’s a great way to give back to the earth. Homeowners can give their Christmas tree to a local resource conservation group and they will use it to stop soil and sand erosion around rivers, lakes, and beaches.
  • Make A Habitat: Homeowners can cut off and use the top two feet of their Christmas tree to make a playground or a habitat for rabbits, squirrels, birds, and other critters. Put some holes in it and fill it with treats such as seeds.

About Seattle Tree Care

Seattle Tree Care in Seattle, WA has skilled arborists on their team. They are all licensed, bonded, and insured. They offer 24/7 emergency tree services, pruning, hedging, removal, and stump grinding. Additionally, they have partnered with local wood mills to repurpose the trees into furniture.

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