Whiskey and chainsaws!

Two things that don’t normally go well together made an amazing pair thanks to the work of our owner, Peter, our climber, Chase, and our all-terrain crane.

When a few tall maples behind the Woodinville Whiskey Co.’s patio area started to drop limbs, they gave Seattle Tree Care a call to help make their outdoor dining space safe again.

Peter operated the crane while Chase flew into the air and rigged the maples with chain. Once secured, the crew hooked up a tag line and made a V-shaped cut to the base of the trunk, leaving Peter to navigate the hanging tree trunks around Woodinville Whiskey Co.’s whiskey tower and safely into our AX19 chipper.

When you combine powerful equipment with the skills of the Seattle Tree Care team, no impact tree removal goes as smoothly as a good glass of whiskey 🥃 And no Seattle Tree Care job is done until the site is cleaned up. You’d never know we were there!


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