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Got a tree emergency that’s put a stop to your day? Call Seattle Tree Care to help you resume it!

Taking care of our trees tends to be put on the back burner when handling other household responsibilities, but there are greater, and pricer, consequences if you neglect tree maintenance altogether. When unpredictable occurrences happen, like heavy thunderstorms, you can’t protect your tree against this type of climate, but you can take the proactive step of scheduling a tree risk assessment prior to any severe weather to lessen your chances of property damage or injuries due to a damaged tree.

When scheduling an assessment, our team of experts at Seattle Tree Care can advise you on the necessary actions to make if a tree poses a hazard on your property. Sometimes this includes trimming or pruning the tree or having it removed if it is beyond help.

Signs You’re Dealing with a Tree Emergency

Classifying a tree emergency doesn’t always mean when tree branches fall, although that is one area where your tree may need to be inspected, there are other immediate tree emergencies that must be handled before any damage is done. Here are some other instances that are considered tree emergencies:

Fallen Branches: If a fallen branch has landed on a power line, is blocking your home, or has damaged your property, you should immediately call tree care services before another branch falls and does more fatal damage to your home.

Dying Trees: These trees can be unpredictable with how much strength they have to be able to hold up their own weight or the ability to stand sturdily during a heavy downpour.

The tree is Split: If you spot a small split in a tree, you should pay attention to whether it increases over time. If so, the tree can potentially split and break apart if it is not immediately taken care of.

Storm Aftermath: If you live in an area susceptible to harsh downpours, a tree may not stand a chance if it’s old or sick. When a tree falls and damages your home, you should call for services once the storm passes and mend the damage that’s been done.

If any of these signs are visible, this means that the tree is dying and the structure has been compromised and weakened. If not addressed immediately, the tree will not be able to withstand heavy weather or its own weight, which will cause it to collapse and damage anything within its vicinity.

Benefits of Tree Pruning

Having your trees pruned routinely can produce wonderful results that keep your trees healthy and strong. Pruning your trees not only enhances your trees’ appearance but here are other benefits of doing so:

Improves Their Appearance: When the dead leaves and branches are removed, the trees’ appearances will look cleaner and neater when they are pruned and controlled.

Strengthens the Branches: As the dead, weakened, or infected branches are cut away, the tree can grow stronger and become healthier once the branches are rid of the diseases that hindered them from growing properly.

Better Oxygen Circulation: To help trees’ overall health, pruning and trimming trees to allow more direct sunlight and exposure allows oxygen to circulate and produce more efficiently.

How Tree Risk Assessment Helps Your Home

Trees are beautiful additions to a home’s property that can increase its value and appearance. However, homeowners should understand and be aware of the risks and liability of having trees within close proximity of their homes. No matter how good of a condition a tree may be in, some accidents may happen that you can’t prevent. Instead, you can prepare and take precautionary actions prior to any storms or harsh weather conditions to feel more secure that your trees will withstand the harsh climate.

Tree risk assessments give you an opportunity to decide whether or not a tree needs service attention or is in healthy conditions. When hiring our team of specialists, we examine all aspects of your trees to deem them fit and healthy or if they are sick and in need of care. If a tree is dying or sick, you get upfront and transparent options to take into consideration on how to handle the situation based on your personal circumstances.

Founded in 2007 as a family-owned and operated company, we understand the severity and have seen the damage that trees can cause. In order to keep you safe from harm and imminent danger, we offer the best and most attentive services to our clients when resolving a tree situation.

Do you need to schedule a tree risk assessment for an old tree on your property? Allow the professionals at Seattle Tree Care to inspect your tree for you! Call (206) 789-0534 to schedule an appointment now.

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